My Name is Amber and I'm a Coffee Addict

For Valentines day Mr. Brett gave me my very own espresso machine! I tend to be very specific when it comes to my coffee order, so I'm very excited to get to know this little guy. The reviews on Amazon were awesome for this model so I'm hoping that it'll prove everyone correct! My only wonder is since Gretna's water is so hard if I should consider some distilled water instead? Any suggestions from my coffee connoisseurs?

Also, Torani is the best syrup in my book! No high fructose corn syrup! It's what we used at the Beanery so I know it well and it will last a long time because it's so concentrated!

Does anyone have any good recipes they would suggest?


  1. I would definitely get distilled water or some kind of filtered water; unless you plan on JoeGlo or something to clean it every day. But I don't know how that model of espresso machine works, JoeGlo is a backflush detergent...I expect steamed milk at my next visit. Kudos to Brett!

  2. thanks Paige, i think I'm gonna head to town and get some, I also picked up some good espresso, a thermometer and a frothing pitcher, I went to 4 stores to find it, that's why I love The Hill of Beans!

  3. HILL OF BEANS!! They're awesome :o)