Tutorial: Screenprinting, The Coolest Project Ever!

Screen printing is seriously one of the most rewarding mediums I have ever used! It's so easy and fun, and nothing beats peeling that paper off to reveal the finished product! I am so thankful to have such a painstakingly detailed husband to cut my stuff out. Wanna know how to do this?

  • find your item you want to print on, fabric, T-shirt, onsie etc. & the item you want to print. I'm all for the easy cut outs, a silhouette is just that! I usually use Google if I know what I have in mind.
  • get your fabric paint (Tulip brand is awesome and can be found at any craft store) & freezer paper, use freezer paper, not wax paper or parchment paper, you want one side to be slick and the other to be plain. 
  • cut your piece of paper to the standard 8x11 size, so it goes through your printer easily and print on the matte side, or plain side. If you want to make cutting easier for you print grayscale.
  • next cut your item out, make sure to just cut out the black part, don't cut into anything surrounding it. You'll want to use your exacto knife to do this, and be very careful, any unnecessary cut will show up after you paint it.
  • next get your iron out, set to steam and with the slick side/shiny side down and positioned, iron your stencil on. make sure that you go over it a couple times with the iron and make sure that it is sealed around your silhouette. You don't want any paint getting under the stencil, I ran my fingers over the edges to make sure it was secure, it should feel like its already apart of the shirt.
  • next take a sponge brush and your fabric paint and brush over your picture, make sure you really get it on there but also make sure that you don't go off your paper and end up with a glob on your fabric. I like using matte fabric paint.
  • now here is the hardest part, WAITING! 4 hours to dry,  touch it to make sure it's dry.
  • then my favorite part, PEELING! do this slowly, and seriously be amazed at how awesome it looks!
  • next using your iron a 2nd time turn it to a dry, low setting and go over your design, this will set the paint, and keep it from coming off in the wash!
It seems like a lot of steps but really if you do it once you will have this memorized to a T! So easy and cheap. As always feel free to email or comment with questions, I am glad to help make your project easier!


  1. i need to do this.. thank you so much for all the awesome inspiration on your blog. heartandthrift.blogspot.com

  2. I've done silkscreening, but don't have room at present. This is a great solution! Thanks so much!! ~ Linne