Weekend Warriors: 9 More Weeks

We are getting prepped for Adrian, pretty easy considering we didn't move the crib out of Adelle's room in the first place. Just a few more crafts to finish but if he came right now I'm happy to know we have a car seat to bring him home in, a hat to keep his head warm, and a bed for him to sleep in. 

Adelle watched me make a little knot hat for Adrian, so Adelle wanted one of her own, she wore it to bed the other night, what a character. If you'd like to make your own, head over to Prudent Baby, made it in under 5 minutes, no joke!
Adrian's mattress is as high as it can go, Brett asked if it was too high and won't he be able to get out? It's crazy how fast your mind forgets how immobile a babe is when you have a 3 year old running around. I need to finish my afghan and hang some decor and Adrian's side of the room will be all set.
Keeping my eye out for a chair to put in the corner, preferably wing back or something comfortable, not necessarily a rocker, so if you spot anything good on the cheap side let me know!

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