36 Weeks!

This poster describes my parenting style perfectly!

Only 3 more weeks to go! We have our C-section scheduled for April 10th, can't wait. I need to finish the afghan I started around Thanksgiving but other than that I think we're set. My friend Mary is coming over today to paint the rocking chair blue, I'll have to remember to post pictures of it. 
I find it funny that we go to these great lengths to prep a baby room, plan for months on end and in the end it's all for our own benefit because that baby can't see past a foot in front of him. But here I am, in the final stages and nesting like no other. 

Our doctor said that we don't have to worry about Adrian coming early, he'll be a big baby and is exactly where he ought to be as development goes. but I think I'll pack an emergency bag just to be safe. It's been over 3 years since I did this last, does anyone have any suggestions on what to pack?

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