Weekend Warriors:Progress


We've been working with a speech therapist since the end of last summer and one of the things I've been doing is keeping track of Adelle's progress by noting it on my phone. I have to say that nothing has made me appreciate the small things like looking back and seeing how far Adelle has come.
At the very beginning Adelle didn't even say mommy, or mama, she was content to point at what she wanted and frustrated easily if what she was doing didn't turn out exactly how she wanted.

Her speech has improved immensely and she cracks us up with all her little jokes. She's very adamant that a rhino is a triceratops,  things can be hidden in the oddest places i.e. the character in the book is hidden under her blanket, or behind her bunny.,  and that she loves spaghetti noodles, cottage cheese, lo mien, sushi rice, bread with peanut butter, pretty much any carb.

I have to say that one of my favorite changes that has happened is her new love for art and drawing. Adelle would get easily frustrated because the shape that she had in her head wasn't so easily translated to paper. It got to the point that Adelle hated anything to do with drawing. We've been working on this for a while now, introducing different mediums, a vibrating pen, chalk, but it wasn't till the bath crayons that we really began to see a difference.
These past two days Adelle has spent well over an hour content to draw faces on printer paper, We probably have a good 20 pages with faces and lines drawn, Adelle picked her favorites for the fridge and I have to say that I would gladly give her the whole box of paper if it means she'll keep drawing and practicing.

 She's getting more confident in it, experimenting with drawing hats and tails on the faces, varying the size of the eyes, and hair. I'm so happy to see her falling in love with drawing and art, Perhaps she'd enjoy a trip to the Joslyn. 

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