Life With Two

After 2 weeks it's starting to feel like there was never a time without Adrian. I have to say the hardest part has been learning to balance both kids, taking both emotions into consideration and spreading time & love in both directions. I think the best parenting advice I've received actually came from our favorite nurse. She said that Adelle will remember this time & Adrian won't so make sure to pay attention to her. Of course we take care of Adrian, snuggle him and all that jazz but thankfully with his content demeanor and all the help that we've received I've been able to steal away and spend some time with just Adelle.
We went on a little shopping trip, played outside and upstairs but I have to say my favorite part has been snuggling with her in the blue rocking chair and humming Anastasia songs to her. This was our nightly tradition until my stomach took over my lap and left little room for her. 
She's already 2/3rds of my height which is a sobering reminder that it won't always be like this. She starts school in the fall, which is a huge step. And although we are very excited for this step, it's one step closer to independence. I never thought I would be the type of mom to cry on the first day of pre-school, but I'm convinced I will.
Just a reminder to take it all in and capture it with pictures so I can savor it later.

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