Sew, That's how it goes

 I told you yesterday that I was going to try my hand at a shirt pattern for myself, yea didn't turn out so well. I forget that my shape has changed and like every other post pregnancy mom, I don't like it. Sure I hear the logical part of my brain saying, "it's only been 6 weeks, it takes time, eat healthy, you just got cleared to work out." but the emotional side is quoting Matthew Broderick from Producers, "Fat Fat Fat!" The worse part is my already large bust is even bigger. The maternity store doesn't even have my size.

 I'm taking a deep breath and trying to listen to the more rational me; so that is why I'm avoiding, waiting to make something for myself.
By the way, I'm not fishing for encouragement. I did go out and buy a few things for myself, including a lovely maxi dress that I'm looking forward to wearing out on a date. but alas I figure my energy can be better spent making adorable cardigans for the wee ones and work on sewing with knits!

Is this not the cutest cardigan you've ever seen? I'm looking forward to a good Goodwill hunt for some fun patterned T-shirts. The 2 best parts is this pattern comes in sizes from 3M to a Children's 6 & it's a PDF so it can be used countless times! WOO HOO!

I'm definitely looking forward to making myself a few things but I'm content waiting. I wouldn't want to waste good fabric and time on something that won't fit me long! Tonight I am off to a kickboxing class... after I make & eat some homemade sweet & sour chicken!

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