Weekend Warrior: Freezer Burritos!

Tracy Shutterbean is seriously amazing! I found her blog via Pinterest in my search for freezer burritos. I love her bio about being "too domestic" so check her stuff out, especially all her recipes.

I am a huge fan of fast, easy food! I admit that my freezer houses a few processed meals like chicken nuggets, pizzas and my favorite, chimichangas, MMM! I can thank Jenna for that addiction. Obviously most processed food is out for me since it has some form of soy, dairy or whey in it. I found some burritos at Whole Foods that worked, but spending $3 a burrito isn't exactly fitting into our grocery budget. This is where Shutterbean comes in!

 Check out those burritos! I'm totally whipping these up this weekend, I found a fajita mix that I can add to some hamburger, fill them with some quinoa, refried beans and some non-dairy, non-soy cheese (tastes about as good as it sounds) and I'll have an easy lunch to eat in no time! She has some great steps to follow so you can make them easily. So head on over to Shutterbean for this great recipe and check out all of the others she offers!

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