Weekend Warriors: Dairy & Soy Free Peanut Butter Cups

You know how I told you all about the homemade mound bars and how the recipe was heaven sent, well I got to thinking that perhaps I could try the recipe to make some mock Reese's cups. So here is the quick tutorial on how to do that, Again, super easy and only 2 ingredients this time!
Use a small cupcake pan and liners 

 Melt your bag of chocolate chips in the microwave, I use Ghiradelli Semi-sweet chips (dairy/soy free)
 Fill the bottom of your liners with some melted chocolate and smooth out so it covers the bottom & let cool
 I decided to do peanut butter & Coconut, so I used Natural Peanut butter (Dairy/Soy Free)
 Plop 1/2 a Tablespoon on to the chocolate then cover with left over melted chocolate & let set in fridge.

These were the perfect size for a quick little snack. Brett tried them but I forgot he wasn't a fan of dark chocolate so I get to share them with Adelle who will eat any kind of chocolate, a girl after my own heart!


  1. Those chocolate chips are not soy free. You can use the Enjoy Life brand which are allergen free (the 8 common allergies).

  2. You forgot Brett wasn't a fan of dark chocolate. Sure... sounds like an excuse to eat more! Delicious!

  3. You're right Idsgirl, they contain soy oil but my doctor said that it was okay since those molecules are too big to be passed through breastmilk.

  4. yum definitely trying this! Whatvkind of coconut did you use?

    Liz W.

  5. I used the cheapest and sweetened, that way I didn't need to add sugar. Something my sister told me about coconut oil is you can use it for moisturizer, I haven't tried it yet but she loves it. Just in case anyone was hesitant about buying the oil since it's a little pricey and not as much used.