Pattern A Week: Pattern Free Tank Top Finished

TADAA! as Adelle would say. I remade my goodwill find into my own unique button up tank. The buttons are in the back if you were wondering where they disappeared to.

 I kept the original hem because I really loved the way it curved so that cut down work time in half. I'll totally make one of these again if I find another good button up.
 Oh, by the way, these happen to be my thrifted coral pants that I hemmed. It was an easy little trick of folding the pant leg up, stitching and then ironing so the original cuff stayed. I consider it a must when altering jeans so you can keep that rippled effect.

Jacket: Jenna's Closet, Shirt: edit by me, Pants: edit by me, Shoes: Jenna's closet, Purse: made by me. 

Thanks to the Cake Kitchen & Bakery for letting us use your awning during the downpour!

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