Project A Week: Dress

 First week's project is accomplished. I like how the dress turned out, I ended up picking to big of size and had to do a lot of altering, but I like how it turned out.
 My favorite detail is on the sleeves. I didn't realize that the dress fabric was clearance from Hancock till I went searching for the same fabric for sleeves, so I found this print from the same line and I like the effect it adds to the dress.
 Please forgive the whiteness, I don't go outside!
We sneaked out to our backyard, (is snuck a word?)  while Adrian napped and Adelle watched Word Girl. Both children are still alive. Thanks to Brett for taking pictures. 

Necklace: Premiere Jewelry, Dress: Made by Me (Obviously!), Purse: Target Clearance (had my eye on that baby all early spring, Shoes: Target Clearance.


  1. Dress looks great on you! Thanks for inspiration going to try and complete a dress in week also!

  2. That's great! I would love to share it!