A Project A Week: Summer Blazer Finished

I think I have a new favorite piece of clothing, yes, it is this blazer! I had to do a lot of editing with this pattern to look this good, it originally looked like this:

It was 2 sizes way too big, boxy, and the sleeves & shoulders were massive & floppy. I took in the sides, shortened the shoulders, curved the bottom, tightened the sleeves, ahh, much better!

 Check out my awesome shoes! These bring me chin level to Brett.
 I really love this outfit, I think I'll be wearing this again soon, on a day that isn't 102 degrees, gag!
I used this tutorial on making & putting in shoulder pads. I'm seriously in love with this blog!


  1. I love the blazer! I have the same pattern and I was wondering what it would look like once finished "in real life"


    1. Thank you! I totally agree, It was a little sad looking until I edited it, but I also made it from shirting fabric which has a good amount of stretch and not much structure. Do you have your fabric for the blazer? I want to see when you're done!