A Project A Week: Well techincally 2

 I just realized I forgot to post my plans on Monday, oops! Well anyway this week I decided I needed a cool shirt. All I have are frumpy prego tees and I love the way those boxy tee's look, especially when hiding a huge bust and some baby weight so using a very VERY easy McCalls pattern I made this shirt during nap time.
 I remade these khaki's into the cropped pants, first time altering pants and I officially swear my allegiance to Goodwill! (BTW: scored a pair of coral pants & some JCrew khakis too!)
 I fell in love with this geometric pattern that happened to be part of the bolt sale at Hancock 60% off! I bought the whole bolt! I'm in love with the pocket detail. I see many more of these shirts in my future, perhaps some from a jersey. (I bought a walking foot this week!)
All in all I spent less than $5 on my outfit. Not too shabby!
Shirt (McCalls 6519), Pants: Goodwill, Shoes: Walmart and dyed by me.

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  1. Top looks great - I love the print! I love this simple pattern an need to make more myself http://machineandadream.com/2012/05/10/necklace-top/