Tutorial: Duvet Cover

 It's been hard getting Adelle to keep her blankets on her bed, she prefers color over comfort and cast aside her comfy down duvet for her tiny pink fleece blanket. I knew i wanted to make her a new duvet cover i just couldn't decide on a color.  I came across this lovely XL twin sheet set at Target and automatically knew it was perfect. So here is how I made her Duvet Cover
  • 2 Flat sheets the size of your Duvet. Adelle has a twin duvet but an XL twin bed  so i was able to use the flat sheet for the cover and the fitted sheet for her bed!
  • A roll of cotton ribbon, or any ribbon that is sturdy
  • Buttons
 Lay out your flat sheet you plan on being the top right side up
 Lay the other sheet on top of that right side down. match up the top of the sheets and place your duvet below that. See Above Picture.
 With your duvet on top, cut around it leaving a 2" seam allowance, and don't cut the top of the sheet, where it's thicker, you're going to use that as your opening.
 Take your duvet off and pin the sides
 cut your ribbon to a length that would make it easy for you to tie a knot around your duvet, then pin your ribbon 4" away from the corners, except when pinning the ribbon by the top of the sheet which will be your opening, pin it 1" below the line. Now sew your 3 sides up using a 5/8" seam allowance and make sure to catch that ribbon, but leave the top part open.
 Using a measuring tape, mark your button holes. I used 8 buttons and placed them every 8"
 Use your button hole foot to create easy button holes, If you don't know if you have a button hole foot look in your manual or order one online, using the right feet will make sewing so much easier and enjoyable!

After you do your button holes, lay your blanket down and use a pen to mark where your buttons should be.
 Stitch your buttons on, again I used the button foot, which has changed my life. I'll never hand sew a button again! The biggest thing is that your buttons go on the outside of your duvet, so on the patterned top. the Top will flip in when you close your duvet, that way the buttons are hidden.
 Now turn your cover inside out and lay with the bottom sheet facing up. tie your ribbon around the corners of your duvet as tight as possible, this will make the duvet stay in place rather than rolling up, which drives me nuts!
Flip your duvet right side out and turn the opening in, button your buttons and voila, you have your duvet cover!
The reason I prefer duvets over comforters is you can change the covers out, which are easier to store than comforters so really you only need to buy one blanket which is cost effective. Target usually has pretty good sales on their bedding, so check with them regularly to see if there is something that fits your fancy!

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  1. What a lovely idea to get your little girl some color on her bed!! And I love your idea of the ribbons inside to hold the duvet in place!! Good job!