DIY Poster Child

I have jumped on the band wagon of blowing pictures up to epic proportions, I looked into doing the engineer print but it was only black and white and the vintage color is what I love about these pictures, besides being of my kids and all. So I looked at different places that wanted $42 bucks for a large color picture and being a cheapo I'm not willing to pay that much.

Walmart has it where you can blow up your picture to poster size, Make sure it's a quality, high resolution picture, I chose to do 16x20, and put them in poster frames. The quality is amazing and only $12, yes I said it TWELVE DOLLARS!

they range from different sizes the largest being 20x30 and even that one is only $18, way better than 42 and you have the option to order online and have it shipped to you, the store or pick it up in an hour. I am beyond excited about how well these turned out, especially being Walmart!

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