Envelop Clutch Tutorial

I was really happy with the response to the original envelop clutch so I created the tutorial. This is with different fabric but the steps are the same whether you use faux leather, cotton, interior fabrics, what have you.

 I chose a fall pallet, strips are the outside fabric, floral is the lining. cut both pieces to be 22"x14"
 fold your fabric length wise and cut off the top triangle, this is bad to admit but I didn't measure I just went by my stripes, but I'd say its a 45 degree angle.

 Next cut an inverted 45 degree triangle from the bottom
 when you unfold your pieces they should look like a giant arrow, like this
 do the same to the lining
 Now its time to put your magnetic snaps on, find the center for your lining, 2 1/2" from the edge use your snap to make an indent into your fabric, then take either an exacto knife or a seam ripper and make 2 slices.
 Insert your snap through the slits and put the back disk on
 push the prongs down, you can use a tool but my fingers worked fine
 do the same to your outside fabric but on the bottom part of the arrow, 2 1/2" from the center.
 your snap should look like this! Now line your fabrics up right sides facing each other and starting on the side and using a 5/8" seam allowance sew the seam, leaving a large enough space to be able to turn your purse right side out. clip your corners & turn right side out
 Now we're going to do some top stitching to add some detail, you can do this before you sew your lining and fabric together but I found it easier to do it afterwards because then I knew everything lined up.

Iron your bag & use a pin to turn your corners out so they look nice and straight..
Find the bottom corners of your bag on the front and mark them with white chalk or pencil (see above picture), now line it up with your sewing machine to sew from the center to the bottom corner, repeat on other side.
 your bag should look like this
now top stitch your top & bottom part of your arrows making sure to catch the opening in the seam you left to be able to turn your purse right side out.
 I used pins to hold my opening together

This is what your purse should look like.
Now fold your purse inside out. make sure your snaps match up and sew your side seams in using a 3/8" seam allowance.
Iron your clutch and you're all done!

If you have any issues let me know and I'll help!
I would love to see your projects and share them with others for inspiration would you be interested in a Willow Would flickr group?


  1. Love the tutorial and I love those colors! Those magnetic snaps look super easy to use!

    1. Also I finally figured out how to comment on this (I swear I'm tech savvy, but this whole blogger thing was overwhelming me), so you'll be seeing more of my comments in the future!!

  2. haha, thank you! They were really easy I was seriously surprised, I officially swear by them!

  3. What a cute pattern and tute! I love how slouchy your envelope clutch is. Well done! I hope you will consider uploading a photo of this tute into SewSet, a new on-line search engine for sewing patterns & tutorials, so others can find this when looking!

    Thank you so much for sharing!
    - Jess, SewSet.com