A Project A Week: Adelle Dress Finished

I love making clothes for Adelle, She shows so much appreciation and pride and loves some good florals.

 I really love this dress, It's my own pattern.
 I thought the sleeves turned out well for my first time using ricrac.

 Adelle was intensely focused on the fish.

 We wanted to capture Adrian's 3 month pictures, This rocking chair was Brett's when he was little.
 Jenna said this looks like its right out of a movie, you can really see the lovely vintage floral
I thought photographing 1 kid was hard 2 is a magic trick. Kudos to all those children photographers!


  1. Wow. Ms. Adele looks absolutely stunning in this dress + your photography/background is gorgeous! I love how the dress has an exaggerated length + it look like it kinda tickles the grass as she walks. I can't wait to start delving into making my own patterns. Nicely done!

    1. thank you so much for your comment, cant wait to see your patterns, feel free to pass them this way!

  2. Ah! What a LOVELY dress and photos!!!!!!!!!!!!