A Project A Week: Envelop Clutch Finished, Tutorial?

 So here is my envelop clutch I was talking about, I actually made about half of one Tuesday but it wasn't turning out the way I wanted to so I scrapped it, unfortunately that meant I had less vegan leather than what I needed to make my clutch larger but I still like the way this turned out. I had fun with the self stamping, which I made out of an eraser. Walmart might have awesome deals on pictures but they don't have jack when it comes to stamps!

First time using magnetic snaps and I swear to heaven I will never go back, they are SO EASY, I seriously mean it, easy! So what do you think, I wanted to do a tutorial this week but my energy is just starting to return and I've already dedicated myself to 3 large projects for other people that I need to take care of.

Would you like a tutorial next week?

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