Project A Week: Hair Chair Makeover Finished

 My hair chair is finished! Woohoo. I love how it turned out. I put a good amount of work into it. My sewing machine had a hard time with the vinyl, even with the correct needle, but after adjusting the tension it went smoother. Finding metallic paint for plastic was a pain though, I settled on Vaspar spray paint and I was impressed with how cheap and how well it covered. The base actually looks like metal, love the sheen! Thanks goes to my SIL Paige who helped me roll this sucker out our front door and back to our garage, and for doing a good amount of the painting!
Before Picture
I think the worse part was cleaning the 30 years of hair clippings out from under that rubber ring around the base.

This was a project that I didn't really enjoy doing but the end result was totally worth the pain. I destroyed my nails and cut my finger on the zipper while I was trying to make the bottom cushion, thankfully no blood got on it, that would have sucked!
Adelle claims it as her "new chair" and thanked me for it!
Tomorrow is Brett & my anniversary. We are getting finger tattoos to celebrate but we have yet to find a place that will do what I want. I want Brett's name on the inside of my finger but I guess it's a hard place to tattoo. I have to say though that my mind is made up and no one is going to convince me to do something else, I'm a little bitter after going to one place and having them tell me no, and not in the nicest way might I add. Okay, I'm done with that it's time to move on (breath in, breath out!)

I am really excited about next weeks project so make sure that you come back Monday for a sneak peak and maybe a glimpse at my first tattoo!


  1. I LOVE it! I am SO impressed! It looks amazing! Is the seat a yellow or a beige? It's hard to tell in the yellow room. The base looks spectacular! I would have totally believed it was metal if I hadn't seen the before!

    Would love to see the tattoo if you get it! I have a tiny tiny tattoo on my ankle and I love it. Your story sounds like my story with my wedding ring. I bought a plain tiny ring online and was dead set on getting it shaped to fit next to my engagement ring. I went to three or four jewelry stores and they all told me no without even considering it. Finally, Nate and I were Christmas shopping in Oakview (I think) and saw a place that did jewelry alterations. I figured I'd just check and not only could they do it, but it turned out amazing! I'm sure that there is someone out there who will gladly do your tattoo and it will turn out awesome!! Good luck!

  2. Thank you so much! It's a more of a cream color but you're right the color of the wall makes it look yellow. I love your ring, it's beautiful! We found at least 3 places that will do the finger tattoo, but my favorite response we got was "we can tattoo anywhere you have skin!" So we're probably gonna go there hopefully today!

  3. Very cool! I'm totally impressed. If only I had any sewing talents whatsoever...

    1. Thank you! And I bet deep down there is a seamstress inside of you! then you could make all jeans look good on your butt!