A Project A Week: Keeping Momentum

Sickness is currently getting the best of me, The doctor declared it a sinus infection, woohoo... Antibiotics are kicking in so I'm hoping to be back and better by tomorrow. I know sickness is an understandable reason to take a break from my projects but I admit I'm really proud of the work I've been doing and I don't want to lose my momentum or my inspiration, plus I had an awesome tutorial planned for this week and I can't stop thinking about it.

So I've been obsessed with these envelop clutches for too long and in my mind I've been drafting my own pattern and picking apart my materials. Using some good ole vegan leather and the lovely geometric print I used for this shirt, I'm going to not only make my own but show you how to do it too. I also plan on doing some stamping and inserting a magnetic snap for the first time ever, fingers crossed! Here is a little inspiration I've been mulling over.

I love the print work on this one
This color of leather is so warm, I love it. perfect for every season!
Originally from Sabo Skirt but is no longer available
Can I just have this whole outfit!? Unfortunately I couldn't find a real link to this picture so it'll take you to Pinterest.
So if you're feeling inspired keep an eye out throughout this week for the tutorial!

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