Adjustable Dress Mannequin Cover Tutorial

So I love my "statue" as Adelle calls it. It's great to display work on, for fittings and draping but I HATE the color. Whoever thought of making a dress mannequin red is an idiot. Red is one of those colors that throws every other color off so when you hang your dress on it or to figure out a color scheme you never know if it's quite right with that awful bright red.

Solution: make a cover. I found a great tutorial for making a cover that was identical to your body, I considered it but the thing I like most about my dress form is that its adjustable and hopefully my 4 month post baby body isn't the same as my 2 year post baby body plus I use it all the time when I'm making other people dresses. So using a knit fabric to make a cover was the perfect solution and way less time consuming than cutting a bodice, putting darts in, fitting, stuffing and hand sewing.

What you'll need:
1 yard of a stretchy knit, I prefer oatmeal color because it's the closest to an actual skin tone
I figure you have a sewing machine if you have a dress form, just sayin!

Set your mannequin to the smallest setting

 Fold your yard in half. Sew across one short side, using a zigzag stitch, this enables the knit to stretch
Place your cover over your mannequin, what beautiful draping that we don't want. determine where your mannequin's shoulder ends and cut down the side & sew.
 Right now it looks like a giant pillowcase, next pin from the neck to shoulders, following the slant of the shoulder, this is where you'll sew. Do the same thing to the other side
 Next pull your cover so that it's fitted to the dress form, not so much that it stretches but lays straight
 This is what your cover will look like on the smallest setting of your form. Take your cover off, set your form to the right size, slip your stretchy cover on an voila, no more ugly red!

Doesn't that look better?! You can enjoy the vibrant blue of the dress rather than seeing the ugly contrast of the red and the dials.


  1. Great idea. Mine is gray. I'd much prefer red, lol.

  2. Excellent idea! My poor old gal, Ethel, is dark gray and peeling! Thanks for an answer to my problem.

  3. Wow! I did a tutorial like this in April... same technique. Cute!!

  4. I love wonderful and easy all in one! I hate my navy blue with red dials dress form, and now I have a solution!

  5. Duh! what a simple but super idea! Thank you.
    My red 'mummy doll' (as my grandson calls it) is also (unfortunately) no longer adjustable to my plus ME size...and this gives me an idea - I have heaps of foam, padding etc so could make this easy t-shirt cover using a stronger knit fabric (ooh, I even have an old body suit that would do the trick)...and then the old red girl could be made not only a better colour but a more realistic copy of the real ole girl :)