Silly me to think I could go one week without doing something, but at least its a tiny project. I bought this little backpack for Adelle at Target (50% off, woohoo!) I want to put her name on it but I can't decide how, should I embroider on it, embroider a piece of fabric and applique it on or should I use my fun fabric markers? It's so hard to decide. Please advise me?

As you might noticed I ripped the label off, is that bad consumerism?


  1. embroider on it :)

  2. I would embroider it. That seems the safest so it does not fall or fade off. Good luck!!

  3. Sew a lighter color background block of fabric and embroider her name on that to the backpack. Maybe do a fun shape, like a heart or star (for the star student!).