Project: Backpack Name Tag Tutorial

Thank you so much for everyone's advice on my dilemma yesterday, as I was looking through fonts to embroider Adelle's name in I became very attached to FFF Tusj. I knew I couldn't embroider it or even stamp it. Then I realized, "Duh, I'll just print it on the fabric!" I used this great tutorial for printing on fabric, which I've used before and loved it. Just in case anyone is looking at making an easy name tag or applique for any other reason I'll share my steps.
  • Using the above tutorial make your fabric
  • Create/ Find what you want to print.
  • No matter what you're printing set it to print photo quality so there is more saturation of ink to fabric.
  • using a ruler i drew my cut out lines
  • Then i used some double sided webbing to keep my tag where I wanted it on the backpack. (find it by the interfacing at the store.)
  • Using the zig zag stitch set at width 1.5 length .4 , you may want to test your stitch out on a scrap, I went around the edge, catching the tag with the inside stitch, this gives a nice clean "rolled hem" look.
  • Then I showed it to Brett and he said it looked good so I was done.

I'm really excited for Adelle to see it, She is obsessed with school stuff!
Are you doing any special projects to prepare for the school year?


  1. It turned out so well! Now that I see it, I like that it is on white so that it stands out very well! Any color you would have embroidered with wouldn't stand out as nicely as that does. And that font is gorgeous! I love me some pretty fonts! :)

    1. Thank you! I have become obsessed with downloading free fonts, it's fun to recognize different fonts for businesses too! You should try printing on fabric it'd be great to use when you make your quilted pillows!