Project A Week: Fairy Dress

I admit I have been an awful mom, Adelle has been asking for a fairy dress for two weeks now and I've been selfish in doing my own little projects and oh, you know that thing that takes up the most time like cleaning the house.
To save time & money Adelle went shopping through my stash of fabrics. I knew that I wanted it out of cotton because lets admit it, the clothes that need the most washing are play clothes and those silky shiny fabrics don't stand a chance in my washing machine!
What is more "fairy dress" than a flower print and one great thing about this pattern is the closure is velcro, which in my book is brilliant and will make the dress last through a few seasons. So this is my project, I think Adelle will be checking the sewing room regularly to see if I'm finished yet! Gotta love that excited little girl!

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