Project A Week/ First Day of Pre-School

This is one crazy week with about a million & one things going on. My girlie started school. She's been doing speech therapy for almost a year now and I can tell you it has been a massive improvement! I keep a little journal on my phone titled "Adelle's progress" and it's so uplifting to go back to September 2011 and see what she accomplished since then!
This week is also Omaha Fashion Week! My friend & I have tickets to the Thursday night showing, we were smart this year and bought seat tickets by the end of the runway, last year we were in the back and couldn't properly judge!
This is the dress I'm making to wear. It will have regular short sleeves in the lace and the sheer neckline. Figured I'd try my hand at the lace again, so wish Adelle & me luck!

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