Project A Week: Maxi dress gone grandma

So my mint green maxi dress went terribly wrong, yes it looks exactly how it's supposed to look but somewhere my eye's opened and I realized, "Oh my gosh, this looks like a 1960's nightgown!" The colors are equivalent to a jello salad and the fit for someone with my stature should never be seen in public. 
So what do you do with grandma's nightgown, you do a 1960's photo shoot, inspired by Mad Men of course!

Doing my daily house wife chores, cooking breakfast for the kids
Enjoying a much needed martini & cigarette

And shooting the neighbor's birds!
Oh the life I lead!
No cigarettes were actually smoked and no guns were shot, happy we didn't get the police called on us! 
"um yea, officer there is a crazy lady in curlers and a nightgown pointing a gun at a tree while her husband takes pictures, you should probably check that out!"


  1. Crack me up! Also have experienced the not quite what I imagined it to look like on me home sewn moment!

  2. But it would make a cute top??

  3. Too bad it didn't work out, it is a very pretty pattern. I love that you had fun with it!


  4. Flippin' awesome! It's terrible when you sew something and it ends up looking NOTHING like the pattern envelope picture! Happened to me more than once!

  5. Oh dear... this was hilarious!! So sorry didn't mean about the dress - but the pictures! I am glad that you took the funny side of it. I believe every seamstress has a project turned wrong (I have a dozen ;)

  6. So funny. I hope you at least drank the martini.

  7. hahaha! I love it! Sorry the dress didn't work out like you envisioned though!

  8. What a hoot! I've had those same projects...looked SO good in my head! :D

  9. hahahahahaha!!!! that is AWESOME! the cig & martini--my fav. glad you could look at the bright side of your dress bomb. ;) (and i say that with love--as someone who has a stack of "dress bombs" sitting in her closet)

  10. *snort*snicker*
    LOVE this post. : )
    I think we've all got a couple of these tucked away.

  11. this was very funny indeed. perfect pictures. im sure your husband had fun watching you have fun with a mishaped project. :) i too have MNAY of those...
    could you possible dye it??? i think if you changed the color of the dress/shirt it might make it a little less 1960ish???
    thanks for the laugh :)