A Project A Week :Pencil Skirt Finished

Story behind my band-aid: So I got this brilliant idea Monday to make apple chips, I even went out and bought a mandoline to slice the apples nice & thin, well apples aren't the only thing it sliced. I took off the tip of my finger with a nice clean whack. It took a while for it to stop bleeding and finally after buying some no stick gauze it's on the mend. It was a good thing Brett was home to take care of me and console me. He got his thumb with a hatchet when he was younger so he assured me the skin would grow back. So anyway...

 I had fun with this skirt, it consisted of 5 pieces total I ended up cutting out the godet/ kick pleat from the original pattern just because with this woven fabric it didn't look right.
I got to use my invisible zipper foot for the first time and I officially swear by it! Oh and as for styling this was my first time mixing patterns. I've always been a neutral girl, I probably need an intervention when it comes to my oatmeal sweater collection, I think I may have to do it a bit more often!

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  1. Love your blog Amber! So glad I found it...oh the possibilities now!