Adrian Sleep Sack

It's cooling down and I am loving it! Fall Cleaning is starting up so I'm going through the kids clothes, this is torture to Adelle, and adding a few essentials. Adrian has outgrown his little sleeper outfits from when he was a newbie so I found this great, super soft cotton flannel and whipped a little sleeper up for him to keep him warm. Our house is old and has a ton of windows, there are 3 walls of windows in our room alone so you can probably guess how cold it gets at night.

And can I just say look how awesome those stripes are matched up! That was no accident, I'm working on my matching! 

My finger is healing nicely, maybe someday I'll be able to type with it again, "fingers crossed" (get it?) Anyway I have a tutorial coming up on Thursday so I'll see you guys then. Happy Fall!

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