Arrow Tea Towel Tutorial

I love adding little details to everyday things, my favorite kind of towels in the kitchen are the flour sack towels. They're huge, lint free & you can pick a pack up at any store for less than $2. Using my machine I embroidered an arrow and made my own little tea towel. you can really use any stitch to do simple to intricate designs, so here is what I did.
use a starch to stabilize your fabric, just follow the directions on the back

 using a pencil or a fabric friendly marker draw your design onto your fabric

 pick your stitch, I chose a decorative one but even a simple straight stitch with a longer length would look good and clean.
 here is the head of my arrow

 I finished my arrow and decided to add a little yellow zigzag in the arrow head & at the tips of the feathers and you're done.

you can match the bobbin thread or you can leave it white so it blends in with the fabric.
Such an easy & satisfying project, perfect for the holidays or gift ideas for that hostess in your family.

by the way that was my first apple pie can't wait to cut a slice out of it, have a good weekend.

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  1. Cute and simple! From the first picture, it looked beaded to me!