Knitting Fever

I love cool weather and I'm so happy that I can finally don on my cardigans, wear socks and be a little frumpy. I've put my sewing on the back burner and pulled out my knitting needles. Adrian is in need of a good hat that can tie so I've been working on this little hat. I'm over half way done with it and I've learned a ton of different techniques like: increasing & decreasing, making an i cord and purling. I haven't decided if I want to make the rest of the kit but now looking at I think I may take on the challenge.
Adelle has been claiming the hat as her own, I haven't the heart to tell her it's not for her.

Next week I have a pattern planned and I'm excited to back into the groove of things. If you want to work on this pattern too, and I'm sure you'll probably have an easier time than I did, click on the picture. She has A TON of different free patterns. Use YouTube for tutorials, that's how I have learned!

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