Project A Week: Revamped Cords

 You may notice that I've discovered Photoshop actions, Love them! Hard to believe that these were the man pants from Hollister right? I am in love. They're so comfy and high waisted without looking like mom jeans, at least I hope they don't look like mom jeans.

Another discovery? Chambray! Didn't think I'd ever be into the whole denim shirt thing but seriously this does go with everything, exactly what Kendi said from Kendi Everyday.
I've been working on some items for the store so I was all set up for a photo shoot I figured I might as well get a little more use out of the background. Brett had to work today so 10 second delay was my friend today!


  1. Amazing. I love that you have really found your niche! Keep up the good work Amber!