100,000 Page Views & A Winner!

 Since tonight is the opening night for the final movie, I thought this was only fitting!

Thank you so much for all of the help and support everyone has given me since I started this blog. I put a lot of work into it, not only in the projects I do, but the design, giveaways and tutorials. I love the challenge & accountability it has offered especially when it comes to my Project A Week campaign. I am also thankful for Brett who will give an opinion when I ask, and take over my parent duties when I'm in project crisis mode. I also have to say Thanks to Adelle & Adrian for being so dang cute, they make my projects look good!
 I'm excited for the many projects ahead and now to the thing everyone wants to know...The winner!

Molly Calfee!
email me your information and I'll get your stuff sent out to you!

Have an awesome weekend & Thanksgiving, I'll be back the 26th.

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