Adelle's 4th Birthday

Our Thanksgiving baby turned 4 yesterday, Hard to believe how fast she's grown.

Her favorite present was her "kitty cat" nightgown

All she wanted to do was wear it, didn't care about any other presents until this thing was on. At this point she put it on and goes "TADA!"

Feeding Grandma Winne some homemade birthday cake, and by homemade I mean boxed cake & can frosting!

People kept asking if the middle was mint, sadly no but I guess that color was playing tricks on our brains because it had a minty taste.

No, Adelle did not get a dog, that's her Aunts puppi Mija, (MeHa). Happy that we had a good simple birthday party, it was great to hang out with family this past week end, but It's time to get into gear for Christmas!

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