Runway Dress Finished

 I've been working like a crazy person to get stuff ready for this show but I took a little time out to sew up this do dad!

I plan on making another, a little looser but I was impressed with how easy and quick this pattern came together, maybe took me 4 hours total including taping 52 pages together to form the pattern. I had a hard time finding a good tweed in my budget but I found this suiting material and after using a 50% coupon this dress cost me a total of $15, including the purchase of the pdf pattern. Wanna make your own? buy the pattern here!


  1. Lookin' HOTT, Amber! It looks great on you. And that color gray goes beautifully with your hair and skin tone!

  2. Cute cute! I've been wanting to try making this dress!

    -Ash P

  3. long hurr, don't curr; sexy mess? Haha I couldn't find a better rhyme for dress. but I better win the surprise giveaway cuz I'm pretty sure I view your blog more than anyone (;

    -your fave sil

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