5th day of Stocking Stuffers...Finally

 It's a week late but what the heck! When I was a kid I remember this blanket we had that had the alphabet printed on it. I remember laying in bed and challenging myself to find all the letters in order. I think pajamas are one of the best Christmas presents, its a tradition in our house, along with getting a toothbrush in a stocking full of candy.

You guessed it, another fabric paint project! It's pretty easy, same process as before so I won't repeat myself. The one thing I would recommend is to make sure your pjs are 100% cotton. These have a tag that says "Not Intended for Sleep" most likely because there is polyester in them. Whoever thought of making pjs out of Polyester needs to be punched in the face!

I'll be sharing photos of the Hair Show this next week. The girls were amazing walking the runway and posing. 

Have a good weekend!

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