Day 2: Bear Print Pants

 I'm sure you've seen the cute little ruffle butt pants for baby girls. They're adorable when they start crawling. Well I wanted something similar for Adrian, obviously no ruffles but I thought a little bear face would look pretty cute.
 I used this lovely lady's template. I'm so inspired by her beautiful artwork, pictures and sweet family. She made a bear shirt for her son by tracing and painting the bear on, I just chose a different approach and screen printed. Either way works, but if you're not handy with a paint brush here is another option!
 What you need: Freezer Paper, Exacto knife, cutting board (or a magazine you don't mind getting cut) fabric paint, iron and a pair of pants, shirt whatever you want to print on.
Print your template onto your freezer paper,  using your exacto knife cut your bear out. make sure not to cut any unnecessary slits or this will show when you paint
 I actually used all of the pieces to make 2 different types of prints, you can see below, after you cut your items out, it's time to iron down the freezer paper. Shiny side down move your iron all over the paper to make sure that it's completely secure.
 time to paint, I used a sponge brush but anything will do.
The paint takes 4 hours to dry, after that peel your paper off, iron over it on a dry setting (no steam) and put them into a stocking. 

Screen Printing is probably one of my favorite projects because it's so simple and it lasts. You could even help your kid make a screen print present for a sibling or friend.

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