Adelle's Pre-K Christmas Party

Since we had a huge snow storm the last day before break Adelle's Christmas party for school was put on hold until this past past Tuesday. I made a Christmas dress for Adelle but she decided that it was for another girl i.e. she didn't like it.

They played a game where someone would hide a carrot (snowman's nose) behind their back and the one in the middle had to guess. Adelle was convinced that her teacher had it. She even went to peek behind her back. 

Adelle did better than I expected,  We've been working with her teachers for almost two years and we've seen massive improvements in her speech, drawing, and other aspects but she gets overstimulated very easily especially with something like this.

She lasted to about the first verse in Jingle Bells before she started wandering but she sat on my lap and watched the rest of the kids sing, which is an improvement in itself. When she started school she would have meltdowns when the others would sing, and hated singing but all during break she would sing Jingle Bells, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the Itsy Bitsy Spider. 
We have a meeting coming up soon to meet with her teachers and an autism specialist to discuss options and ideas to help Adelle develop her social skills. It's been amazing seeing the progress she's made and all of the teachers and specialists have been so supportive with ideas and encouragement.

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