Crib Bumper Remake & Tutorial

So I'm sure someone is going to say that you shouldn't put a bumper on a crib and for the most part I agree, however Adrian is almost 10 months old, and his chubby little head can't get between the mattress and bumper, I can't even get a finger between the two so I'm not worried. Click "read more" for the full tutorial.
Adrian keeps getting his little leg stuck between the bar and as you can imagine that's not that comfortable. So I scored this bumper pad at the thrift store for $3. You could buy a new set of bumper pads from a fabric store but in all honesty why spend more than you really have to on something that won't be used for too long. The nice thing about this is you can quickly change a girlie bumper pad into something suited to a boys room or vice versa!

1. get a bumper set and measure between bias tape to bias tape. I'm just covering up the striped side and using the ties that are already there. 
2. mine was 9" give yourself an inch extra on each side for folding over. 
3. mark your spot, the nice thing about gingham fabric is the easy to follow pattern to get a straight line.
4. fold your sides & ends. Iron and with the wrong side of the fabric covering the stripes stitch close to the edge. Make sure that your fabric is pulled tight so it lays nice and flat. 

You could cover both sides but the dots didn't bother me so I left them for Adrian to look at.

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