Photo Back Drop How To

One of my biggest struggles in my house is finding a clean background to get a good picture. When we first moved in I had the brilliant idea to paint our living room walls this sponged green and brown effect, which looks cool at a certain time of day but in pictures it always looks xbox green and throws everything off. Since it would be too much work right now to move everything and repaint the living room I decided/ obsessed over the idea of making a back drop that could be easily stored. 

Benefits of a plain white backdrop is literally endless, it opens up a whole box of editing options plus it makes it easier to focus on the subject rather than the surroundings. Read more to learn how we made it.

These handy dandy hooks can be found at walmart, home depot really anywhere and range from holding .5-5lbs. They are perfect for use since our rental has plaster walls, and are easy and quiet to install, perfect for the nap time creative! 

I used curtain lining from Hancock Fabrics, I talked to a guy at a camera store and he recommended muslin but I didn't want to have to iron it every time I got the back drop out. I bought 3 yards which added up to about $9 and it was 54" wide. 

We used 4 of them, spacing was 1", 13", 39" & 52"
I used my sewing machine to make easy button holes to stabalize it but if you don't have that option you can just use an exacto knife and cut holes where you need them.

Hang it up and start taking pictures! We chose to put it in our sun room/ office which has 3 walls of windows equaling a lot of natural light, the hooks slide off if you want to hide them, and when you're done unhook your white back drop, fold it up and put it in a drawer for later use.

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  1. Very, very clever! I tend to like outdoor shots, but the weather is NOT always right and then I want an indoor shot. I'm like you though with the no-clear-wall thing. I may have to go this route. Thanks for sharing!