Tee Shirt Remake & Cowl Tutorial

 I had my eye on this scarf at Target before winter even began. I have a strong love for geometric print right now, but being the cheapo I am I waited till it was finally 50% off and snatched it up to rework.
As for my shirt, it too was a clearance find. I wanted it to be a little long in the torso so I grabbed an xxl and gave it a curved hem. If you have some wardrobe pieces in need of a change, click read more to get to the know how.

 Forgive my jagged line drawing, but basically try the shirt on, determine where you want your hem to be and how much of a curve, fold in half and cut towards the center. best part about knits is the no fray so if you don't hem it that's fine.
I noticed that I had wings from the arms and ribcage being too big so I stitched in a few inches and down a few. make sure that you slowly move away from the original seams and slowly back into the seams so you don't end up with an odd pucker and use a stretch zigzag stitch. (By increasing the length and decreasing the width of the zigzag your stitch will appear more straight but still give you the benefit of a stretchy zigzag) . cut away the excess fabric and voila a much better fitting tee.

As for the scarf it originally had tassels that had the texture of hair. Well I made quick work of that and gave it a haircut. I then attached the ends of the scarf together to create a chunky cowl/ Infinity scarf. I love it because I can hide my messy hair and tired face when taking Adelle to school.

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