Baby Boy Romper Tutorial

This little guy has obviously gotten over his underweight issue, The little chunk! I've had so much fun making him sleepers and perfecting my technique. I experimented with different decorating ideas, drawing on the sleeper, printing a Charlie Chaplin silhouette and of course I found this gingham and squealed with joy. I love a little boy in gingham! Wanna make one for your boy or girl. continue to read!
Print the pattern here, here & here & cut your pieces, the pattern is for a 9 month size, but if you want to do a larger or smaller size you could trace a current or future size. connect by lining up the dotted lines
cut 32" of 1 1/2" or 2" to make your tape for your snaps. Make sure that you cut with the most stretch in the width.
cut 12" of 1" for the neck line strip
fold in half width wise and iron your strips

attach your strips to your sleeves & neck line by laying them right sides together, feel free to stretch the strip as you sew, that way it comes into a more tapered sleeve .

stitch the crotch to the back by slowly curving & stretching as you stitch
with right sides up, lay the back neckline over the front neckline, overlapping by 4"
attach sleeve at the top of the curve in the middle of where you over lapped the neckline, match up ends and make sure that you catch the shoulder of the neckline as you stitch the sleeve on. again feel free to stretch the sleeve as you go .
this is what your sleeve looks like on the inside after you attach it
and how it will lay on the outside. stitch the other sleeve the same way.

with right sides together starting at the end of the sleeve, stitch the inside of the sleeve (arm pit) and turn as you sew to stitch the side seams

now attach the strip to the bottom of the leg to create the cuff, again stretch as you stitch.

now its time to attach the stripe that you'll put the snaps on. make sure you fold the ends under so you don't end up with a raw edge of the tape, stretch as you stitch, especially around the crotch.
now you're ready to do the snaps! Here is a great tutorial and then you're done! If you have a hard time finding some cute printed jersey, I know I did, then buy a color and draw your own design with some fabric markers.


  1. Plaid helps your "chunk" show off his belly! Seriously, very cute.

  2. Oh my goodness it came out so cute! And your little fella is beyond adorable in it!

  3. Such a cute outfit! I love this tutorial! <3

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  4. Fantastic tutorial. You inspired me!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad I could be apart of the process, I've learned when you have inspiration you run with it as fast as you can! would love to see your baby romper!

  5. I want so much to make this, but I really don't understand what happens to the crotch piece. It's just sewn on to the back, but from there, it just seems to hang in midair. I think maybe you cover the bottom edge with the bias tape, but then the front doesn't match up with the back, so where would you put the snaps to close it?

  6. Hi Mary, you do cover the back & front with bias tape, it doesn't get turned to the inside, instead it's more of an extension for you to add the snaps to. When you add the snaps start in the middle when pinning so it's all even. It may help to look at a ready to wear romper and see how the snaps are put on. I hope that helps, if you have any questions or want to post a picture so I can help you more, I'd be glad to help.

  7. Oh my gosh! You were so quick with your answer. I'm making this today!
    Thank you.

  8. I just have one last comment. It's just something that confused me for a minute. The "bias" tape seems to be pretty much straight of grain (in a straight line with the gingham pattern in the pictures). Then I realized it's made of stretchy material and I didn't need to cut on the bias at all. You say to cut so the most stretch is in the width, but I think you might mean length? (the longest direction of the cut piece) Is that right?

  9. you want the most stretch in the width so that when the baby is crawling around or moving their legs the sleeper has some give to it. It also depends on how much stretch your fabric has. If it's a good amount you should be fine any way you go. Let me know how it works out and which way you went. If it works well I'll fix the post.

  10. I do understand cutting the body pieces with the most stretch in the width. However, that particular instruction appears to refer to the "bias tape" pieces because of the sentence placement. That's what confused the heck out of me in the beginning. I had to look at the pictures again to see that the tape is not cut on the bias. If you are cutting the tape on the straight of grain, that sentence makes sense if you cut the tape with the most stretch in the "length" of the tape. Just so you know, I created a beautiful romper for my granddaughter from your pattern, but she is only 2 months old, so she will have to grow a little more before it fits her. I plan to try to re-size it and make another. I'll send you a picture when I do. Thank you for an adorable pattern!

  11. I can't wait to see it, thanks for pointing the bias tape thing out, I'll fix that.