Fred Astaire's Pants Modified

I recently saw Sabrina for the first time and I fell in love with Fred Astaire's... pants. I think a good pair of trousers is a must have and so I thought to myself "brain how could I make these pants?" Enter Old Man Pants! I found these great pair of pleated front "old man" pants at the thrift store and got them for .99 cents! Yea that's right less than a buck! I love these pants and I can't wait for warm weather. Read more on how I altered them.

  • lay your old man pants out flat, making sure that they are literally completely flat. you'll notice that in the crotch there is more to the backside than front, but make sure that the seams are what lays flat.
  • take a pair of good fitting jeans and do the exact same, lay them flat right on top of the thrifted pair.
  • starting in the crotch in your OM pants and this will be your guide for sewing, continue on both sides as you go down, this will insure that your seam is even and now one leg is bigger than the other. After you've finished your inseam ( I didn't have to go too far because I'm short!) you'll go back up to your waist band and start on your side seams, follow the seam of your good fitting jeans.
  • now it's time to sew, starting at the crotch give your self a 5/8" seam allowance, so sew 5/8" outside your pins, stitch from crotch down the inseam, after you finish one leg go back to the crotch and do the other leg (ALWAYS START AT THE CROTCH!) 
  • Try your pants on, make sure that they aren't bunching oddly in the crotch, it may look a little bunchy at first but that's because you haven't trimmed your excess fabric. Depending on how they feel (too tight, too loose adjust where you stitch) 
  • Next stitch the side seams, again, allowing 5/8" seam.
  • try your pants on inside out, how do they feel? (make sure that when you're stitching when you get to the knee you go almost straight down, unless your pants have stretch. If you don't stitch straight down you'll have a heck of time getting your foot through!
  • feeling good? trim excess fabric, you can serge it, pink shear it, what ever you wish. give yourself an inch for the hem and hem your pants by folding twice and stitching. I choose to give my pants the "boyfriend" look and rolled my pants up a little.


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  2. Cute pants!!

  3. Awesome! I love the rolled cuff.

    <3 Melissa

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  5. really sharp. So clever.