It's A Name Changer

I have been struggling with my blog name for a while now, At one point people called me Willow for hair school but its been kind of hard to explain to people why the name was Willow Would when my actual name wasn't willow. Well anyway, I finally decided to stop fighting myself and change it while my brand & blog are still young.
I've been taking an online course from Elsie & Emma on A Beautiful Mess which I highly recommend to anyone who is looking into a small business or shop. There were a lot of points that I had never thought about, like before choosing a name decide what you want to feature, who your audience is, and where you want to be able to take your business. MIND BLOWN!
I am a jump in with both feet kind of girl so when I finally decided to change my name I spent all my time pondering names, looking at websites, and researching available domains, believe me this was a lot harder than I thought it would be and actually put me in a funk. I had my list of names, "Ambitious, Open Window, Dizzy Girl Studio...etc. My favorite runner-up was The Half-Ass Artiste, which was nixed because I didn't want my kids telling people I was a half-ass, and believe me, logos were made.

It wasn't until my friend Jenna mentioned the word Tangible that the ball finally landed on something. Tangible encompasses everything I do; sewing, hair, home, kids, challenges. I like art that i can use everyday, do everyday! It was perfect. SO after checking for the available domain and buying it Willow Would is now The Tangible Artiste.

I'm so excited about this move, and I hope you like it too. If you use the old URL you will be redirected to The Tangible Artiste, and that includes any links to projects on Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter. If you are an email follower the RSS feed will be transferred as well, it may take a little time but hopefully by the end of this week everything will be set. 

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