To Market We Go...

The house market that is! We are in the process of purchasing our very first home! We couldn't be more excited about the house that we chose, literally a block & a half away from where we live now, but what can we say we're content in our little town. Adelle will be able to go to the same school that she started in, which happens to be the same elementary school Brett went to, and to the same middle school that Brett's parents even went to! I'm a sucker for nostalgia. Brett will also have his own office, the kids will have their own rooms and I will have my very own sewing room!
Not only have we been in the buying process but we just finished up with a friends wedding, Brett has been working overtime, Adelle finished her first year of pre-school, Adrian is on his way to walking soon & I've been working to grow my business as a hair-stylist. You know, living the American Dream!
I hope that you will permit me to share some inspiration boards & transitioning posts along with house pictures while everything is in disarray. We're so excited to make this house our own!


  1. How exciting for you! I know very well what you're going through and am so happy for you. Have fun!

  2. Congratulations!! I just bought my first little little place a few blocks from where I was living, and we moved Saturday! Good luck with the sweat and fun to come!

    1. wow! congratulations! can't wait to see pictures!