Summer Days

It's been too long blogging friends, I know. We've been busy packing, working, summer schooling, and processing all the change going on. I'm surprised to find how much time we've actually spent outside. We are as indoor as they come but it has been fun to get out, even if it is hot, to play. Just this past week was Gretna Days, Adelle watched the 5k runners with Papa Jeff and enjoyed the parade along with Adrian over at the Grandparents house. My SIL & I made the most of living on the parade route and had a yard sale/lemonade stand, Adelle earned a quarter before retiring to the backyard to swing.  We also painted a kite and attempted to fly it in 0 wind.
Our loan has been a huge process and its looking more and more like we won't be closing when we planned. We are suppose to move next week, but we're looking more at the beginning of August so we shall live in box town for a little longer and make the most of it.
Hope your summer has been full of fun projects, parades and long naps. The school rush will be starting soon!

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