Finished Hemlock Tee

sunglasses: Target, shirt: made by me, pants: Target, watch: Target, necklace: Rare Bird, shoes: Target
I'll just say it now probably the best pattern/tutorial I've worked with in a very long time! Very simple to follow and some great tips that I will apply to other projects. Like putting tape on your serger to mark the width you want your neckband to be, Brilliant! I had to take a few inches off the bottom and the sleeves just because I'm so petite and now I know better next time but this is officially one of the comfiest shirts I own and it makes me look forward to Fall.
I was tempted to add a pocket or a little something to embellish it but my SIL recommended leaving it blank and pairing a necklace with it, I'm not that good at accessorizing but I liked her idea plus it saved me from having to do more work! Total time was maybe 2 1/2 hours, it was a very relaxing project and was easy to accomplish in one day. It took me longer to make the technical than it did to make the shirt.
I hate wearing tank tops under shirts so I chose this sweater knit that isn't see through. It drapes nicely and I'll definitely turn to this pattern again in the future, I mean can you really have too many comfy shirts? I don't think so!


  1. I think it is safe to say that you like Target! :-) cute shirt..looks comfortable!

  2. What a cute and comfy looking tee! I think I need to give that pattern a second look now that I see it looking so great here!! Thanks for sharing.

    1. thank you! yea the pattern is great my biggest thing was to make it out of a solid fabric, I don't like when shirts cling to tank tops.

  3. Looks like a perfect shirt for Nevada winter *hint hint* Miss ya!!