Finished Retro Top

shirt: handmade, pants: H&M, sandals: Kohls
Hello haircut! If you follow me on instagram than you may have seen this picture in your feed. After spamming a few friends, and getting good feedback I committed! Thank you Carla! I love it! I've never had my hair this short but it was just the change I needed!

Okay now onto the shirt. I like it but... it's stiff. I tried to soften it with a wash with baking soda but this vintage cotton just didn't want to budge.Any suggestions? I cut down the neck line A LOT because high necks and big boobs do not go well together. I didn't really need the button closure since I lowered the neckline but honestly its a great detail that just adds to the garment. This would be a good contender for the Scout Tee by Grainline though if you're debating between the two, go with Grainline (support the little guy).

 So in conclusion: short hair is fun, stiff shirt but cute button closure and buy Local. oh, and happy Labor Day Weekend!

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  1. cute top; I agree a little button closure, whether needed or not, is a great design detail and adds a little somethin! VERY cute hair. I miss my short hair...