DIY Modern Pumpkin Pillow

We've been in the process of painting and we've barely started actually decorating but I didn't want to miss out on a little seasonal crafting.
learn how to make your own after the jump.

Cut your white cotton fabric down to paper size, I chose legal size so I could make my pillow longer.  Also cut your fabric on the bias (diagonally) this will keep the fabric from fraying during the printing process and will keep your printer from eating & erroring.

Iron one piece of fabric to freezer paper, this will help feed your fabric through the printer. Make sure sides are smooth so there is now catching. download the pumpkin print, she has a ton of other great patterns too.

 above I showed what settings I used to print. Stand back and be amazed at how beautiful your print turned out.
Now to be honest I should have let my ink dry longer than what I did. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE! I wish that mine was as bright orange as it was when it printed. Let it dry, over night if possible.
Once you feel it's completely dry soak in distilled white vinegar, this sets the ink. Let dry. may smell like vinegar but the smell will disappear.  Now stitch up your pillow.

Things I'll Do Differently: Let dry completely, and I think next time I'll print two and stitch them together to get a bigger pillow.

Adelle has officially stolen this and claimed it as her own. She also claimed the chair as her own. 

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