Bad Ass Bomber

Whether you call it Tartan or Plaid you can't deny that it is in! I am absolutely in love with how this jacket turned out.The asymmetrical zipper, the ribbed cuffs & collar and the fact that my stripes line up make this one of my all time favorites. The pattern was great to work with, pretty straight forward but when it came to the zipper I admit I had to reread a couple times and even sleep on it before I had an epiphany on how it was attached.
I love the range of patterns that Burdastyle offers but sometimes I have a hard time really making out their directions and since I couldn't find anyone else who has made this pattern online I really had to take a minute and think through some steps. One thing I would change about this pattern is that they recommend you get a 24" zipper and shorten it. to do so you have to take off and reattach the stoppers for the zipper. Ummm... I tried this, it did not work out well. Lucky for me I had a 22" zipper downstairs and it fit perfectly. So get the 22" zipper. Why do an extra step if it really isn't necessary? 
P.S. I do feel like a bad ass in this jacket, even though I'm not!


  1. Love it! That first picture of you in it is especially excellent!

  2. Yes sir, bad ass it is.

  3. Love your jacket! I hope mine will turn out just as asskicking. I am just about to make the first sem where the instructions says to sew the front pieces together and at the same time hold one of the pieces in from dot one to dot two. I do not get it. Shall I not stitch the pieces between the two dots? Please do you have any advice. Thanks