Glorified Pajama Pants & The Polly Top

I'm trying to learn to dress like an adult but sometimes you just want to wear your pajama pants out and say, "suck it world, I'm lazy!" Meet the glorified pajama pants, made from a shiny satin, and tie waist (my first pants I've made for myself). They feature pockets which I think automatically class them up and if you iron a crease into the front and back you're auto-fancy. These pants have me totally channeling a 1920's vibe and I'm alright with that.
As for the Polly shirt, this was a free pattern by By Hand London, go download it and make it now! It's an easy sew and it fits perfectly. It's a great basic pattern that can be translated into so many different pieces. It's hard to see on my shirt but there is a yoke & front part that you sew together that pulls the waist in and gives it structure, the neckline is amazing too. It's low enough but when bending over it stays put so you don't have to worry about flashing people. I'm looking forward to altering this pattern and seeing what else I can make out of it.
If you are looking for some good fabric to buy on the cheap check out the Online Fabric Store in my sidebar, I ordered some samples for an upcoming project and they shipped fast and free.

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